Do you remember yarn hair ties?

Do you remember yarn hair ties?

The 60s and 70s were a groovy time when fluffy, brightly colored yarn hair ribbons were all the rage! They added a fun and playful touch to hairstyles, and many girls loved wearing them to express their unique style. It's fascinating how pop cultural icons emerged from television sitcoms during that era, inspiring a generation of girls to wear this iconic fashion accessory.  

Buffy, the All-American girl from Family Affair, was the small screen OG of this accessory. She inspired little girls everywhere to add fluffy, soft yarn hair ties to their pigtails. 


Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch wore them, delightfully accenting her precocious personality with her playful hand-tied yarn hair bows. inspiring little girls everywhere to add the ribbons to their banana curl pigtails. Millions of girls went to sleep each night with their Dippity-do coated hair wrapped around Goody pink sponge rollers in order to achieve perfect banana curls, just so they could tie a yarn hair ribbon on their playful pigtails the next day.


Cindy's sister Jan Brady was a true tween style trendsetter, wearing different colors that matched each of her outfits. 


Around the same time as the yarn hair ties were being worn by lucky girls everywhere, the Ideal toy company released Crissy and Velvet dolls, whose box handles were made of the same fluffy yarn. Girls would remove the yarn from the box and tie it on their doll’s heads or wear the ribbon in their own hair.

The gentle-natured Penny Gordon from Good Times wore fluffy yarn hair ribbons to decorate her darling ponytail.


The cult film Rock 'N' Roll High School was released in 1979, bringing the yarn hair ribbons into the punk rock scene. Ramones superfan Riff Randall's New Wave style lit up the screen.

And who could forget Gertie in E.T. and her darling white hair ribbons? They definitely added a touch of charm to her adorable personality. 


We would be remiss if we did not also mention that this hip hair accessory was worn in the cult film Hairspray by none other than Miss Penny Pingleton. She wore three pigtails: one on each side, and one bumped up at the back of her head. It's amazing how a simple hair accessory can become such an iconic part of a character's style. 

Yarn hair ribbons have a special way of evoking nostalgia and capturing the essence of the 60s and 70s. It's fantastic that people are embracing this trend once again and passing it down to their own children and grandchildren. It creates a beautiful connection and tradition between generations, keeping the joyful, innocent spirit of the 60s alive.

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